Design Research

The main research foci of the Department of Design are human centred design and constructive design research. In the area of human centred design we combine academic rigor with practical relevance. The keywords include co-design, service design, user experience and end user innovation. Constructive design research includes artistic research, design driven exploration on emerging technologies and materials, as well as action research oriented development of new design methods and approaches. Department of Design has also recognised expertise in design strategy and innovation research and sustainable design research. In addition, the Department has a versatile doctoral education profile with cultural orientation. Cultural design research is a covering umbrella for humanistic research approaches in design. These include design history, research on design professions and values, and cross-cultural connections in design.

The research unit consists of an international crew of approximately 30 researchers including professors, post docs and doctoral students. The researchers work in the following six teams.

  • Fashion/Textile Futures
  • Embodied Design Group
  • Empirica – Research on art, design and culture
  • Encore – Engaging co-design research
  • INUSE - The users and innovation research group
  • NODUS – Sustainable design research group
  • SDIM - Strategic Design Integration and Management Group

The research unit maintains a portfolio of projects including fundamental research as well as applied product and service development oriented research. The research teams collaborate closely with the Master of Arts programmes of the Department aiming at a research driven model of post graduate design education.
Contact: Professor Sampsa Hyysalo

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