The Department of Design

Design Research

The main streams of research at the Department of Design are user centred design, cultural design, and sustainable design research.

User centred design includes a range of research interests dealing with stakeholders’ involvement in design and consumption of design artefacts. The approaches range from usability, interaction design, user experience, accessibility, design-for-all, participatory design, co-design and service design to transformation design. 

Cultural design research is a covering umbrella for humanistic research approaches in design. These include design history, research on design professions and values, cross-cultural connections in design, design in societal discourses and the interface between design and art practices and research. 

An emerging area of research competence at the department is design and sustainability. The research interests include sustainable use of materials, the impact of design on sustainable consumption and the processes and approaches supporting the creation of sustainable product service systems.

The research at the Department is organised into following teams during the spring 2011:

  • Encore team – Engaging co-design research
  • Embodied Design Research Group
  • Empirica – Art, Design, Culture Research Group
  • INUSE Research Group
  • NODUS – Sustainable Design Research Group

For doctoral education the Department has been coordination Design Connections Doctoral Program since 2007.

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